Caps Lock

With thanks once again to Ubuntu Community Forums, I managed to get my Caps Lock key working. Not one of the things you’d think would be tricky, but… sudo apt-get –purge remove mouseemu Then reboot.

Linux Gaming and Compiz

Games and Compiz are not friends. It seems you basically have to disable your good looking environment just to play good looking games. Ironic. Anyway, thanks to Tombuntu, I was able to install Fusion Icon which is a system tray icon that lets you enable or disable...

Joining Two PDF Files

Extremely easy thanks to the pdftk package. Just install and then follow the directions. To join two PDF files: pdftk page0001.pdf page0002.pdf cat output joined.pdf

Scanning with my Prisa 620

I have had the Acer (now Benq) 620UT for years and years. It’s worked on every computer I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it working in Red Hat Linux before and didn’t expect any trouble in Ubuntu. That would have been true if I had not following a...

Boot Preferences in rEFIt

Wondering how to set rEFIt so Mac OS X isn’t the default? In the root of your mac drive is a “efi” folder within which is a “refit” folder. Open refit.conf and one of the last lines says #legacyfirst Just remove the “#” and...